Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coat of Many Colors

If I rubbed a bottle and genie came out and granted me 3 wishes, one of them would be the ability to play & sing this song the exact way Dolly does.

Look at those nails! How does she do it? I can't even do it with my little nubs.

This is one of my favorite songs and I always relate it to Christmas although there is no reference to Christmas which brings me to my next point.....

I'm learning Christmas Tunes!

Any suggestions? Little Drummer Boy? Joy to the World? Feliz Navidad?

After I learn all of these Christmas songs I am going to hold a Christmas concert at the Kingdom.

You're invited.

Be there.

(okay..i'm not really holding a concert but I would like any feedback on your favorite Christmas cover!)

Monday, November 29, 2010

fantasy land

I am back from the depths of despair. do not worry internet world.

A long holiday weekend of feasting and locking myself (& Andrew) at home with all three extended editions of Lord of the Rings and the new Robin Hood made life all better. ( that sounds healthy, doesn't it?)

It also led us to name our newly formed Kingdom of Traiylor

(pronounced TREA-LOOOOOOOR)
-the crest of Traiylor-

I realized that we were taking our geek'dom level to all new heights when were referring to the dogs and Olivia as Knights and Princess (and don't even get me started on our trip to the mountains--I may have pretended that I was Frodo taking the ring to Mordor.....geeeeeek out. But it made me happy. And it helped make the whole Holiday gloom go far, far away to other distant Kingdoms ruled by elves. (and its not my fault..I grew up watching Ewoks, Dark Crystal, Willow & any other fantasy movie my brother could get his hands on)

thank goodness Andrew appreciates and fully participates in my fantasy world.

happy monday!

(me last week thinking about T-giving)

Monday, November 22, 2010

t-giving blues

This morning, I decided to be a poopy pants blogger and tell the ENTIRE WORLD that I am taking a T-giving internet machine break.

Do you want to know why? Because I'm the T-giving Grinch this year. I just overheard a woman at a diner talk about how she just couldn't wait to get the Holidays over with and my immediate reaction was, "Oh I just can't stand people that are so bah-humbug about Holidays" and here I am microsoft painting my feelings away.

I could be real chipper dipper and tell you everything I am thankful for (I will try not to get nausea reading the 1,000,0008498759827489 things people are thankful for this week -see...there I go again being a big fat grinch) because of course, and I hope you know this, I am so blessed and thankful for many things.


I am sad.

Everything is changing so fast. It has felt that way since college. I just feel like I have been inside of some wonderful tornado giving blessings and changing everything I have known all at the same time. Thanksgiving will not ever be the same for me again. I can't go back "home" because the family and home that was once there is not (this is my inner divorced child speaking). And that's okay, life evolves and things change and I have my big girl panties on and can deal with that but Holidays like Thanksgiving just bring the memories to life and I can't help but feel......sadness.

Last year I was planning my visit home to Norton to spend time with Mamaw. Last Thanksgiving she was feeling better. This Thanksgiving she is gone.

Last Thanksgiving Mamaw gave the prayer and she cried the entire way through it just as I am crying all the way through writing this. I wonder if she knew it was her last Thanksgiving? I guess none of us really know.

Today and this week, I am happy for you, I really am. I can't wait to read over all of your posts and pictures about your family celebrations. But for me, this week is a little sad. I am mourning over the death of not only my Mamaw but my past. Maybe this is necessary to move on to my new family? Maybe we all mourn the loss of our childhood as we move into this new phase in life? Maybe when I have my own babies and start new traditions with my lil' Crummett family I will not feel this way?

But for now, I hope you don't mind, but I think I am going to take the week off to take care of myself. I get to sing on Friday and that will surely be a bright spot. I know she is watching me.

Love and blessings.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

music like this...

It just makes me want to curl up on a couch and write, write, write.

I wrote a song a few days ago. It was the first time something has come together in awhile. I really struggle with writing because I battle this thing called ME. But when I finally push fear aside the words and music just drip out of the pen and I just feel liberated.

I was supposed to sing in an open mic night with my friend Peter last night. Peter is amazing at the guitar and I love playing music with him. He unfortunately got sick and couldn't come leaving me naked on the stage (I mean..not forest gump style..but you know what I mean). Guess what?

I made mistakes.
I was a bit nervous.

But. I did it. Solo. Guitar and all. And it felt absolutely wonderful.

Baby steps my friends. xoxo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one year ago..

This was happening.

It's gone by so fast!

I'd like to think all of my internet friends (oh yes, that's you!) for keeping up with this little blog. It has really become a healthy outlet for me throughout these big changes in life and I hope that sharing my story, whatever story that is, has helped someone out there, even if it was to just pass the time at work. That was always my reason for wanting to blog...to share, to create, to make this big ole' world not seem so big some days.

(ps. I finally figured out how to look at my stats and was THRILLED to see so many people are taking a peep at this thing. Even people from Germany, Australia & Maylasia--what what???!! I would love to get to know you & maybe become internet friends. Whaddya say? Always feel free to "follow" me, you know, that thing on the sidebar? I won't bite. I might stalk you, but I will not bite you.)

me and Olivia in the trailer-pre furniture bloggin' our hearts out.

We love you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FINALLY a wedding post

So I'm not gonna get all crazy bride on you and share every itty bitty wedding idea that pops into my head(not that i'm sayin' there's anything wrong with that ...it would just send me over the edge and I want some elements to be a surprise!) , but I feel like there is a big pink elephant on the blog and it's called OUR WEDDING.

woo hoo!

Here are some details that I can divulge:

We are having the ceremony, reception...the whole shin-dig at the farm. I'm so excited that I don't have to deal with an outside venue. It has it's own challenges (like...I'm pretty sure that I'm responsible for getting the cob webs & horse poo piles out of the indoor riding ring) but not having to deal with deposits, deadlines and someone else's rules is great!

I said YES to the DRESS. A few months ago, I went wedding dress shopping in Harrisonburg, VA with a few of my g-friends. I had NO intention of buying a dress but when you know, you KNOW. I had very specific things that I wanted in a dress (no beading, cream, outdoor appropriate style) so when I found IT & there was a very nice sale price attached, I just couldn't pass it up. It's killing me not to show Andrew. BUT I can't, I shan't, I won't. It's oh-so-dreamy, though.

Here are some pictures from the day:
Me & Molly (my stylist/bridesmaid)
Why do I look all drunk eyed in this picture? Most have been all the sticker shock.

Johannah (Co-President of the Anne of Green Gables fan club/Bridesmaid) & Priscilla (neighbor/soul sister/wedding blogger)

They were the best crew ever to have. They knew exactly what I was looking for and gave really great opinions. It was absolutely perfect. I could wedding dress shop with those girls every weekend.
I really feel like planning has been a million times easier since I know what the dress looks like. It kind of, sets the tone in my opinion.

We've got the bridesmaid dress search underway (and I have to say, I am a little jealous of my bridesmaids...I'm so excited about "look") & next comes the STD's (let's all giggle) & Invitations!

So that's my big wedding post thus far. Oct. 15, 2011 seems eons away right now!

new homeowners=new conversations

"I'll shave my legs when you fix the hot water heater!"

and this conversation has been going on for awhile, folks.

I can hold out alllllll winter buddy. You better get to fixin'. The birthday party is over.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Glenn Andrew!

Just a few reasons why you are the bomb, boo.

You make me a fire each morning.
You can find the smallest thing if I drop it on the floor. (woah is the life of a contact user)
You love to look at the stars and you makes me go stand outside in the cold even if I get an attitude and each time they leave me speechless.
You work so hard on our home.
You believe in a simple life full of love.
You love my cat and call her your daughter.
Your dreams are as big as the sky.
You ask me to not raise my voice around the house plants.
You like your coffee black.
Your love of nature and obsession with soil.
Your thirst for knowledge.
Your big heart.

You are a good, good, man.

I love you to the moon and back! XOXO

Friday, November 12, 2010

beautiful day

The fall leaves have gracefully bowed out for the season, allowing our view of the mountain sunrise to once again be visible. There is nothing better than sipping on coffee next to the wood stove and watching the rays fill the sky. I remember when we would sneak down in the morning on our freshly cleared land to see what our future sunrise would look like. Pinch me!

Thank goodness it is FRIDAY. I am looking forward to working on the homestead, printing out pictures on my new fancy printer, playing music in my freshly designated "music room" (for now, this will be my stand in woman cave), & hanging out with Olivia & Co.

Have a wonderful weekend and spread some love! xo

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This was one of the first pictures that Shannon snapped during our engagement photo session. I think we were pretending to look longingly into each others eyes and just started cracking up.

"What do we do?????" we kept on asking her. Shannon is so patient and so kind and she just let us get our giggles out until we found our "groove" (which may or may have not been helped out by a few glasses of champagne--just sayin')

I might be horse laughing just a weeee tiddly bit but I still like this picture. It's so very "us".

And then there is our Stetson Cologne ad.
Andrew was really nervous about taking pictures (I still can't believe I convinced him to do it) so I told him to just pretend like he was a model and be uber confident. Easy, right?

The outcome: a Stetson man was born. Eat your heart out Tom Brady. You ain't got nothin' on us.

I think I was trying to look "cool" and off camera but the whole thing just made us roll laughing when we saw it.

keep it real, folks and happy thursday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

music is God

A facebook friend recently posted this video. It moved through me and reminded me of the gracious nature of my Mamaw.

Thank you Alice and Happy Birthday.

love fern

I have been feeling kinda blue at work lately sooooo I rearranged my desk and found, stuck in the corner, a very sad, dying plant.

No wonder I felt like my soul was being sucked everyday! Death was lingering just a few feet away from where I spend 8 hours Monday-Friday.

I brought in some compost and soil from home and doctored my love fern (it's not a fern).

Love fern is hanging out in the ICU unit (my window) until it regains its strength.

This could be touch and go people.

Have a happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"decide what to be and go be it"

This is my new favorite song.
Thanks to this gal.

There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light
In the fine print they tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
And it comes in black and it comes in white
And I’m frightened by those that don’t see it

When nothing is owed or deserved or expected
And your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected
If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected
Decide what to be and go be it

There was a dream and one day I could see it
Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it
And there was a kid with a head full of doubt
So I’ll scream til I die and the last of those bad thoughts are finally out

There’s a darkness upon you that’s flooded in light
And in the fine print they tell you what’s wrong and what’s right
And it flies by day and it flies by night
And I’m frightened by those that don’t see it

There was a dream and one day I could see it
Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it
And there was a kid with a head full of doubt
So I’ll scream til I die and the last of those bad thoughts are finally out

There was a dream and one day I could see it
Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it
And there was a kid with a head full of doubt
So I’ll scream til I die and the last of those bad thoughts are finally out

There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light
In the fine print they tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light
And I’m frightened by those that don’t see it

Monday, November 8, 2010


Can you spot my bearded lover? He is a man of many faces.

He is also a member of the Shreckhise Shrubbary Rec. League Basketball Team. I'm a pretty big fan and I try to make it to every game. These boys got game and WON their division--both season and tournament.

Holla back.

and so it begins...

Somebody got a scanner...

This is a family pic back from '84.
(i'm the yawner and that's my big brother)

endless nights of scanning await me!

Happy Monday folks.

Friday, November 5, 2010

home sweet home

i love this state.
i love these horses.
i love my home.
i love this man.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

get your hair did....

One day I was walking down W. Beverly street in Staunton with a co-worker and I stopped into a local boutique, Design at Nine. I walked in to browse the sale rack and walked out signed up as a model in a fashion show to benefit breast cancer awareness.

I don't know how I exactly get myself into some things.....but....I did get to pretend to be a model for a day for a good cause. ( AND I had really big hair...which was a dream come true)

All of the models and owners of Design at Nine & Tease.

my serious model face. fierce.

I think I'll hang up my size 10 modeling shoes (unless Tyra calls and wants me to audition for AMTM). I'm glad I was able to live a day in the life but I am waaaaaay too goofy to ever take myself that serious.

happy wednesday from oHIo!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm leaving for a trip to Ohio today.

Why, you ask?

I'm still trying to figure that out myself........

Monday, November 1, 2010

"you guys are weird"

how creepy is this picture? I got carried away on Photobucket.

I usually have the lamest Halloweens. I haven't dressed up in years. Andrew doesn't really get into Halloween anymore either. I don't even remember what we did last year? (I know..you're thinking....that cat really is beautiful. I don't lie, people.)
This year, we were planning on our usually boring-ness of watching movies at home alone except we forgot that we signed ourselves up for the 4-H Haunted Forest that was being held on the farm.

We begrudgingly started to get ready, complaining about how we just weren't in the mood to dress up and stand in the woods scaring people. I started putting on baby powder and smudging red lipstick around my eyes when I noticed something...

I was getting into this. And the more makeup I put on the more I got into character as a crazy mountain woman. (probably didn't have to reach far)

Andrew had the same experience. We were practicing how we were going to scare people in the mirror while contemplating whether Andrew should have a scar on his neck or his eye.

We were in a geeked out world and it was the best thing ever. We thought we would really scare the little kids at the barn, but when we put it to the test on a little girl she just stared and said, "you guys are weird."

hope you had a spooky weekend too. :)

circa 2006-the last time I remember dressing up. I don't miss those awkward moments of being in a bar and realizing that you are dressed as a sexy flight attendant for one second. Now THAT's weird.
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