Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one year ago..

This was happening.

It's gone by so fast!

I'd like to think all of my internet friends (oh yes, that's you!) for keeping up with this little blog. It has really become a healthy outlet for me throughout these big changes in life and I hope that sharing my story, whatever story that is, has helped someone out there, even if it was to just pass the time at work. That was always my reason for wanting to share, to create, to make this big ole' world not seem so big some days.

(ps. I finally figured out how to look at my stats and was THRILLED to see so many people are taking a peep at this thing. Even people from Germany, Australia & Maylasia--what what???!! I would love to get to know you & maybe become internet friends. Whaddya say? Always feel free to "follow" me, you know, that thing on the sidebar? I won't bite. I might stalk you, but I will not bite you.)

me and Olivia in the trailer-pre furniture bloggin' our hearts out.

We love you!

1 comment:

PJH said...

You never fail to make me laugh!

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