Monday, April 22, 2013

Sera Petras Photography: maternity & one week old pics

I love Sera Petras.  We met during a photo shoot at work and have kept in touch ever since.  When I met up with her at a coffee shop to talk birthing & maternity photos, I had no idea how special she would become to our family.  She gave birth to her adorable daughter in the same room I did at Brookhaven Birthing Center and was such a help after Everly was born.  She took our maternity pics, Ev's one week pics, and was at our delivery documenting the experience.  She was so respectful when taking photos at the birth but was also so supportive.  I remember at one point people were taking turns holding my hand (and letting me squeeze the crap out of it) and I looked up and saw her holding my hand and telling me that I could do this.  It was so encouraging.  When my milk came in and I had no idea what I was doing Sera came over and walked me through things.  I'm telling you guys, she is amazing!!!  

Please check out her beautiful work here and here.  

She was also featured on Little Bellows photography blog.   

If you are in our area and need a photographer, Sera is your girl.  ;)  

where does the time go?

What's up Internet.  You want to know what's been up with me?  Raising a baby.  Babies take a lot of work. It's funny what you think life will be like when your baby comes and the reality of things.  Of course I have those moments when she is sleeping or smiling at me that makes my heart melt into a puddle, but there have also been a lot of times where I look at Andrew (who has a panicked looked on his face), look at Everly (who is screaming her head off), and take a big deep breathe because this is CRAZY.  

I also used to think that I would have so much extra time in life since I would be a stay at home with Ev.  My house would be immaculate, no laundry, hot dinner every night.  I'm here to tell you that IT DOESN'T EXIST!  But we are slowly getting into the flow and I've carried on my mindset during pregnancy:  one day at a time.

Everly is the .  She needs that website url.  She has this crazy head of hair that won't do anything but stick straight up in the air and a little sassy 'tude, even at 8 weeks old.  She is smiling and coo'ing and ruling our lives.  Andrew is equally obsessed with her.  Sometimes he tries to steal my baby and we have to fight over who is going to hang out with her.  But the minute she starts to stick that bottom lip out and cry guess who comes running?  

She has totally changed our lives for the better, even in the hardest of times.  I love A more than I ever have and feel like we are truly understanding what it means to be there for your partner (because dudes,  if you think it is hard just living with another person, wait until you have a screaming babe at 2 a.m. to spice up life).  

I'm off to try and get a few more things done before this wee one starts squirming.  

Keep calm and carry on.
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