Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and it's not even my birthday.

I hope I don't come off as Nellie Olsen in this post. But I have to brag. Because my surprise was that good.

I was supposed to stay in Richmond last weekend. BUT, how can you stay at home when someone is dangling 2 surprises over your head that are, "the best val, the BEST I have ever gotten you"

I mean......any girl would go? Right?
So I got to the farm just as the sun set on Friday. Andrew came down from the barn and asked if I would finish helping him feed.

So off we trot to the Old Barn.

"Go get the buckets out of that stall" Mr. worker pants barked at me with his back turned.

"What stall?"
(and yes, I started to get that 16 year old attitude in my voice-don't you boss me around, I just got here-watch it!)
And then I read this on the stall door that Andrew was pointing to:

And I saw her with bows on! BELLE! My favorite horse that was just a baby when Andrew and I first met! Mine? Is that what it says?

I turned into a 9 year old. I jumped up and down and cheesed a HUGE smile. I wrapped my arms around Andrews neck and screamed, "YOU GOT ME A PONY!"

(all the spots are from the hay in the stalls floating around. kinda looks neat? I think so.)

and then I made him take a photo shoot of me and Belle and made a few faces like this:

SO, I don't know how to ride yet and you aren't trained yet, Belle

(or Bella, as Johannah promptly texted me that she would be calling her. She is in a Twilight phase. Yes. That phase. I have not entered the world that is Twilight, but I have seen many around me fall victim. Get it? Victim? Vampires?)

back to the horse:

but Belle, I will brush you and pet you and braid your tail and love you forever.

oh. yes. I had a SECOND surprise.

but the more I thought of it, the more I think it's a private surprise. It's a personal goal that Andrew has set for himself. And I'm very proud of him.

Nellie Olsen, signing off. ( I HAVE A PONY!)


Shannon Nicole said...

Sooo sweet! I want a pony!

Brittany said...

AHHHHHH!!! i am so jealous.

please get her this:


(i would if my boyfriend gave me a horse. actually, who are we kidding, id probably buy a matching one for me too)

valerie said...

Brittany- You have unleashed a beast. I have been online looking at "horse accesories" all morning. If only the horse came with pre-paid credit card.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOO!!! I was waiting on the second surprise! I hate it when that happens! So the surprise was definitely wonderful, but you had me thinking you were getting married!!


lauren said...

AHH! I want a PONY! A PONY! I tell you! Belle is so pretty :)

Caroline Elizabeth said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Andrew really is just the cutest and so is Belle, and you too, duh!!! So exciting--you know my grandma owns a tack store in Middleburg (aka horse country) if you ever need any goodies!!!
I hope I get to see you in Richmond next weekend :)

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