Friday, November 27, 2009

pumpkin pie hangover

We blessed the turkey and ate....alot.

Norton was the same but diferent. Isn't that the way going home always feels? Nevertheless, I had a great T-day. It was a quick trip home and back but Andrew and I always enjoy a good road trip through VA.

We successfully bugged my Mother in the kitchen while she was cooking until we all got the boot. It is a bit of a family tradition. Each year she gets a little bit better and goes a little bit longer before her face starts to turn red and she "shoos" us all out.

(aren't we nice children?) This is my brother Jason getting way to close to the cook near the stove. The fork is in optimal position to take an eye out.

Andrew jumped right in and really pushed it. This behind the back move could have cost him a arm or leg if Mom would have caught him. I have seen some pretty nasty injuries on Thanksgiving Day.

I tried to help carve the turkey but was quickly shoved to the side. "This is a mans job" was thrown into the conversation. (oh puuuhleaseee)

I loved being with my Mammaw and listening to all of her stories. She is what you would call a "hoot". Mammaw love is the best love.

Mom, once again, cooked us into a food coma. The food was soooooooooooo good. We all agreed that if there was a Wise Country T-Day cookoff competition, she would win first prize hands down.

Isn't she the prettiest thing?

And we shan't forget Mr. Ben.

Oh, Mr. Ben. One day you will come running into my arms saying "Aunt Val you are the best and I love you and I want to just sit in your lap the entire visit".

Until that day comes, I will continue to force you to hug me, kiss me and trick you into taking pictures with me. Love you little bug. ;)

Love to all my friends and family. We are all so blessed.


ps. 3 days until move day :)

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Anonymous said...

your mother=prettiest woman alive. and you look just alike. making you both the prettiest women alive.

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