Monday, September 6, 2010

it's like, the best camp site ever.

We are in love with our home. It is so private and quiet and calming. Andrew built us a fire outside of our doorsteps a few days ago. It smelled and felt like fall in Virginia. I could just bottle that smell up.

Yes. We wear crocs. I never thought I would venture into crock land...but they come in handy on a farm. So there.

We had such a long weekend filled with music, horse shows, furniture shopping adventures gone bad and more.

hope you had a great one too! (minus the awful furniture shopping adventure)



Molly Harper said...

that campfire just made me smile! mainly b/c I can smell it and I loooooove fall! can't wait to hang out there soon!

Amber said...

the best place for thrifty furniture is the Gift & Thrift on Mt. Clinton Pike in Harrisonburg. If that doesn't work for you, the occasional steal can be found at the Mercy House thrift store on Rt. 42 in Harrisonburg.

valerie said...

oooh I will have to check that out! Thanks Amber!

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