Monday, November 1, 2010

"you guys are weird"

how creepy is this picture? I got carried away on Photobucket.

I usually have the lamest Halloweens. I haven't dressed up in years. Andrew doesn't really get into Halloween anymore either. I don't even remember what we did last year? (I're thinking....that cat really is beautiful. I don't lie, people.)
This year, we were planning on our usually boring-ness of watching movies at home alone except we forgot that we signed ourselves up for the 4-H Haunted Forest that was being held on the farm.

We begrudgingly started to get ready, complaining about how we just weren't in the mood to dress up and stand in the woods scaring people. I started putting on baby powder and smudging red lipstick around my eyes when I noticed something...

I was getting into this. And the more makeup I put on the more I got into character as a crazy mountain woman. (probably didn't have to reach far)

Andrew had the same experience. We were practicing how we were going to scare people in the mirror while contemplating whether Andrew should have a scar on his neck or his eye.

We were in a geeked out world and it was the best thing ever. We thought we would really scare the little kids at the barn, but when we put it to the test on a little girl she just stared and said, "you guys are weird."

hope you had a spooky weekend too. :)

circa 2006-the last time I remember dressing up. I don't miss those awkward moments of being in a bar and realizing that you are dressed as a sexy flight attendant for one second. Now THAT's weird.


PJH said...

That picture FREAKS me out. You guys really did look scary and I'm glad you had fun with it. How about the moment when you realize you're at Coach B's in a ghetto cowgirl costume for the 4th year in a row? Priceless.

Valerie said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAA that's hilarious!

Kim said...

OMG- I have a flight attendant outfit too! Michael ran across it the other night while we were cleaning out the basement. He was so sweet and said, "Don't you think maybe you're getting a little to old for this?" GRRRRRR.... He must not know my real age! (which is 25-hehe)
Have a wonderful day:)

Angie said...

That first picture is REALLY creepy. Maybe if you had actually looked like that, then the girl would have been more scared... but thankfully you don't actually look like that ;).

Miss you!

Danielle Sands said...

OMG I can't stop looking at those pictures! You look amazing... really scary. I can't believe children like that stuff. I can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

eeek to the photoshoped pic!!!!

P-can you explain exactly what a ghetto cowgirl is? I can only imagine...

per usual the biggest halloween mistake (slash of my life) still remains the year i thought actually going as a playboy bunny was a good plan. things to never share wiht my kids.

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