Monday, September 27, 2010

rain boots

This is what I should have looked like this morning:

Hungry and pissed because I didn't have time for breakfast.
On a mission to get Monday morning over and done with.
Oh, you say it's muddy outside?
No worries. I have my rain boots on and a cup of coffee, now get out of my way.

There was one thing Kate and I had in common this morning:

I was hungry and pissed because I didn't have time for breakfast either. (or in her case, food in general)

I did NOT however, have rain boots & a cup of steaming joe.

I did have black flats on and a yellow raincoat. I just didn't think about our fresh top soil and lack of stepping stones from the trailer to the car.

"ANDREW, COME HELP ME! I'M SINKING!" I realized I couldn't take a step left or right without piling more mud onto my ballet flats.

My dream man rescued me. Well, let's re-phrase that.

I made my dream man get out of bed, pick me up and place me in the car. I didn't have time to wait on new shoes so I went to school with mud on my shoes and cleaned them in the gutter by the sidewalk. I literally stood in the gutter with the rain water rushing by, wiping the mud away from my somewhat ruined flats.

Did I mention I had not had a single droplet of roasted coffee beans at that point in the morning?

I DID however, score the permission to go buy rain boots from my dream man.
That's progress for a Monday.


debbie said...

Mommy will buy you a coffee pot that has a timer on it for you. Sounds like you were running late and didn't have time to make coffee.

Amy said...

This sounds VERY familiar. I still love the remnants of the mud on my car carpet. xoxo

Valerie said...

Moments like these are when I need Amy McCracken the most in life.

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