Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Drop it like it's hot

Today we had our 37 week appointment with our midwife.  It's confirmed--the baby did drop!  This means that she is getting ready for her journey.  As I expected, I was told to hold tight and just keep everyone updated on any significant signs.  We are eager beaver first timers and were told multiple times to keep calm and that it could still be up to 3 or more weeks.  But we are seeing some good signs of progress so I'll hold out on that little bit of hope that she could be here soon.  

There was a visiting midwife at my appointment today so I got double attention (always a plus in my book).  They both estimated that the baby weighs about 7 lbs.  Yeah, let that sink in.  She's not going to be a tiny dancer.  

Some other notable points :

I've got some serious feet swelling/cankle action going on so I need to drink more water and keep an eye on that.  (oh that just makes me think of Lady Sybil, RIP)

We need to get baby girl back over to the left side which means I am doing a lot of this:

And we are going to plant a placenta tree.

Like how I casually threw that last one in there?
So, they asked us if we had thought about what we wanted to do with the placenta., nothing?  They suggested that since we live on our own land that we take the placenta and plant it with a new tree and it could be the babies' tree to watch and grow as she grows older.  Upon some deep research (google), I found that there are a lot of different cultures that do regard the placenta as very sacred part of the birth.  

Hey, sure---why not?!  I think it sounds pretty cool.  I told her to bag it up and we will stick it in the freezer and plant a tree in the spring.  There's a first time for everything, why not a placenta tree?

Off to bed.  Let's hope we aren't washed away in all this rain tonight.  xo


Johannah Quinn said...

LOLOL to your RIP
bag that shit up!

kelly said...

you are such good comic work relief! can i visit the placenta tree--i vote that over EATING offense to any of your readers who have...why do i think it would taste like kale? done. i'm done here.

Valerie said...

You are welcome to visit the placenta tree ANYTIME. Maybe we can even have a party when we bury it. On my hippie/crunchy scale, the placenta tree fell somewhere in the middle. Not as out there as eating it/using it as a face cream. I'm in.

I am already day dreaming about my blog post when we plant it.

Shauni said...

My parents (mom is a midwife, both are hippie dippies) did placenta trees for my sister and I.

This is all so exciting, can't wait to read the post about the little ladies appearance!

Valerie said...

Oh that is so cool Shauni! did you love your placenta tree?!

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