Friday, January 18, 2013

life lately

 (this makes my heart happy)

 (latest work of art)

(a walk in the woods last weekend in warm weather.  It was so good for the soul) 

(a 35 week bump shot.  36 tomorrow!)

I caught myself off guard last night when I looked over to my left and saw this reflection staring back.   Things are starting to move fast.  I can't believe that in just a few weeks she will be here.  We've been focusing on our hynobirthing techniques and meditation.  Andrew has been the best partner in all of this.  He reads chapters in books that I leave for him, watches birthing videos, and takes our meditations very seriously (maybe more serious than I do sometimes).  I love him even more for all that he is doing to support us.

I'll be having weekly midwife appointments from now on.  That makes me very excited!  At 32 weeks I made a switch to a birthing center and we feel really positive about the decision.  Andrew and I both really wanted a water birth and I felt like I needed to establish a connection with one midwife rather than a rotation of midwives, which was the set up in the other practice.  I love the attention I get at appointments and feel really happy about the decision.   

In baby news, her head is down and as of last night she flipped back over to the optimal left side.  Hopefully she will keep her little butt over there.  My nausea has picked back up in the mornings and well, sometimes in the evenings.  Ick.  Sitting is increasingly uncomfortable, especially when you have to avoid all the comfy chairs in the house.  With all that complaining out of the way,  I really do feel great.  Happy to have a few more weeks to prepare for her and equally happy that I will have her in my arms in a few.   

Happy Friday! 


Alexandra said...

My whole comment disappeared! Let's try this again: I so admire your decisions for your birth experience. I have become increasingly interested in doing the same when the time comes (not anytime soon!). Do you ever read She is hilarious and piqued my interest in the world of midwives and water births. Anyway - you go girl! Happy to hear baby girl is situated well, and I'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way over these next few weeks! xx

Valerie said...

I do read her from time to time! She is a trip. I will be here when that time comes for you to ask me all the nitty gritty questions!!! xoxoxoxooxoxo

Angie said...

SO happy for you & Andrew!!! xoxo

Valerie said...

love you Ang!

Also...I just realized that I wrote "HYNObirthing" instead of "hypnobirthing" and it made me laugh out loud. excuse the typo.

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