Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby and Me sing-a-long

This past Tuesday was sadly the last open mic at the Mockingbird, a local restaurant and music hall in Staunton that I have been playing at over the past few years.  It is sad to see this place go, but we all have hopes that someone will come, scoop it up and reopen it soon.

One of my resolutions was to go and do an open mic before the baby came and when I heard about Mockingbird closing I knew I had to get down there one last time.  I haven't played out since September so I felt a little like a fish out of water, especially maneuvering a guitar and a bump.  It also made me realize how much I *must* pick up that darn guitar every day and play.  Muscle memory is a beast.  

I love that our daughter will grow up with music in her life and I might have a teeny, tiny, hope that she will love singing as much as I do.

1.  "Can't Run Back" written by Valerie McQueen & Jeremy Staubus
2.  "Speckled Moon" written by Valerie McQueen & Barbara Martin


Angie said...

Amazing as always!!!! And you look beautiful!

Amber said...

Valerie, it's not fair to be this talented. Your baby girl is so blessed!

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