Thursday, February 10, 2011

runaway music

Tonight I am going on a date night with A-dog to see the Black Lillies. Have you heard of them? I fell in love with their recent CD and I am really looking forward to being around live music tonight. It's been too long and it's just good for the soul.

I also discovered this band called The Civil Wars. They kinda make me swoon. *sigh*

and while we are on the subject of music, I am sponsoring a dance this Friday with the cheerleaders and I have been instructed to learn the "dougie". Andrew has to help chaperone with me. HA. I am so excited/scared about what I will see and how many grey hairs I might leave with.

My guitar is sitting next to me in my office--ready for practice after work. March is going to be a busy music month for me---but it will be an exciting month (not to mention by birthday month) It's moving along----even on days when I feel like it is moving along at a snails's movin'.


Danielle Sands said...

I LOVE the Black Lillies thanks to you and I am SUPER jealous!

The Civil Wars were just in Milwaukee and I missed them bc I had to work late :( They make me think of you XO

Valerie said...

Oh they were sooooooo gooodddddddd! I wish you would have been there with us! I MISS YOUR FACEEEEEEE

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