Sunday, February 13, 2011

张悬 - 宝贝

(V, my chinese counterpart)

I don't think it is any coincidence that I am currently writing a Grammy award winning song on the very same night of the Grammys. It's all in the cards. I just need like 4 more verses & good melody for the chorus.....almost there.

I'm also simultaneously trying to learn the words of a Chinese song that I told my friend from school I would learn. She is 14 & from China and is starting to learn how to play the guitar (but like, she can read music and already blows me out of the water ). We practiced for about 2 hours on Saturday. We are going to tour the world one day--a U.S. tour and a China tour at first--and then the world. Her American name starts with a V too, so we planned out a perfect peace sign trademark.

Learning a Chinese song is hard. It reminds me of when me and a friend in high school were obsessed with the soundtrack/movie to "Selena" and we would just butcher Spanish words and just make up what we thought she was singing. It wasn't until my fourth year in Spanish that I realize what she was actually saying. I'm going to try and respect the Chinese language a little more on this one.

We had our "VALERIE Day" today. I woke up A by singing my new Chinese song at the top of my lungs to him while he was still waking up. He really loves me. Brunch was amazing, but then we went for like a 500 mile hike, I fell into a creek, busted up my knee & I dropped my cell phone into the water and had to hike out with cold wet feet. : (

So there goes the pictures to accompany that adventure (but maybe talks of a fancy phone were brought up?!)

"V Day" was a little bit of a flop. But I am cozy at home in a robe, knee propped up, learning Chinese and writing grammy winning songs.

Can't stop, won't stop. Peace out.


Danielle Sands said...

Can't stop, Won't Stop
Rocafella Records cause
We get down baby, we get down baby
Girls to Girls they love us
Cause we stay fresh to deaf
We the best nuthin less

Valerie said...

and I was worried that no one would get my Puff Daddy reference.

PJH said...

I'm pretty impressed with your ability to type those fancy letters up there.

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