Friday, February 11, 2011

Givin' the Goat

(picture from my non-fancy phone)

Last night was sooooooooooooo good for my (our) souls!

I love the stage at Mockingbird because you feel like you are in someones living room--we sat just one table back from the stage. The Black Lillies were awesome.

At one point Andrew turned around and said, "Is he giving you the goat eye?"
Now, I don't know where the origin of the "goat eye" comes from, but I have a feeling that this is something that came straight from the hills of W. VA. It means giving someone, well, you know, that kinda look. ;)
I'm pretty sure that he was giving everyone the goat eye from the stage but I smiled and said, I don't think so, and kept on dreamily staring, maybe hoping that he was giving me a little goat. (what, engaged doesn't mean blind.....)

After the show I rushed over to buy their new CD. I walked up up to Trisha, one of the singers, and asked her if I could hug her...because, I'm all touchy-feely-and-slightly-awkward like that. I saw Cruz, the lead singer, to the side and smiled as I asked him to sign my CD. I was face to face with the goat eye. I left really fast because, well, you just shouldn't linger around handsome musicians with goat eyes. This is a very important lesson in life.

Givin' the "goat".

It's a good thing I have already fallen head over heels for a boy with the biggest blue eyes on the planet.

Plans for the weekend: High School Valentine's Dance tonight! I already told all of the cheerleaders to ask Andrew to dance. He will die. For reals.

Saturday I have to work from 9-4 (boo) BUT I also get to work on some music during that time. I can deal with that. Sat. night we are going over to a good friends house (who has babies that I can play with!) and Sunday is our full day celebration of V-Day! (Valerie Day!)

xoxox Happy Weekend lovers.


Johannah said...

this might be the hardest i have ever laughed at one of your posts. the "goat eye"!!!!!!

Valerie said...

I'm gonna give you the goat next time i see your pretty face.

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