Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's tuesday? here's a hodge podge post.

How did that happen? It seems like I got home last night after 9:00 p.m., closed my eyes and suddenly I was driving back into work this morning at 7:30 a.m.

I have to say, I need to toot my horn a little bit at how well I am dealing with this...well, busy-ness! It can usually send me into a tailspin. (like you don't already know that about me).

I somehow got myself wrapped into being the Musical Director for a Mary Baldwin MFA Shakespeare Production. I made a name tag that says "Musical Director" and I wear it around all day long. It might be my greatest title to date. It's a pretty cool project--I am covering 6 tunes from a musician named Robyn Hitchcock. I also play a small role as a whore in the second act. So, most nights if I am not working with the cheerleaders I am either busy working on music or being a whore. Just a day in the life.

This is a hodge podge post.

I don't have any real story running through it. I always envy bloggers who seamlessly add pictures, quotes, and music to a blog post and it all connects.

This just isn't one of those posts.

Oh but guess what? I got my phone to work (still working on project: get a fancy phone). Here is a picture we snapped from the hike. We look a lil' scraggly. This was before I fell into the river/creek.
Andrew bought me that sweatshirt at a gas station before the hike as a V-Day present. Ain't he sweet? I love Virginia & that boy beside me.

Here is my last bit of news for this hodge podge.

We are breaking down. After I blogged about not having cable, it just all became too much. I NEED TO HAVE SOME CHANNELS. This is a big deal. Like, life is going to change in the trailer forever.

we are gonna get a dish.

Happy Tuesday loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

PJH said...

Yay for your sweatshirt and fancy phone and for getting DISH! Big things are happening, girl.

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