Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The month I can't spell!!!!

HELLO FEBUARY! I mean, February. Thank goodness we got that whole January mess over with.
February, treat me right baby, treat me right.

I'm out of the depths of despair. For reals. But I have found myself super busy. My days have somehow stretched from 6:30 a.m. to about an average of 7:00 p.m. That's a long time away from the farm....and I don't like it. BUT it's for good reasons and at least it is keeping me busy during the dark days of winter.

Not much else has changed on the home front, but Olivia has decided that she wants to lounge on the counter top--which she has never been allowed to do before. She is a persistent booger. But we figured out why she keeps getting up there.

HANK. The barn cat is creeping up to the window and making goo-goo love eyes at our Olivia. Hankerpants, as I affectionately refer to him as, watch it. Olivia might have a whole lotta lovin' to go around---but you are a barn cat. She, is a well-bred, long haired, sassy pants machine. We just can't have any messin' around going on.

Hank (Hankerpants)- Barn cat/Olivia stalker

Happy Febuary.


PJH said...

What a cute little love story! Can Olivia have kittens? If so, you are in trouble, missy. Mainly because you will want to keep all of them!

Valerie said...

NO! Thank goodness. I would officially be a cat lady if she could!

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