Thursday, December 16, 2010

winter white

there were early warning signs that she would never be able to own a winter white coat.

i've been complaing on facebook about how I will never be able to own a winter white coat.
and it's true.
I can't even walk out to my car without getting dirt somewhere.
(and it's safe to say that i still end up with chocolate everywhere when I eat it)
it was just never in the cards.


Amber said...

once upon a time, I bought myself a white coat from Anthropologie and within 2 days (i kid you not) i felt down in the grass. I then proceeded to whip out my Shout wipes and try to wipe the green stripes into oblivion. Finally gave up and took it to a dry cleaner who did what he could, but said the Shout wipes probably did more harm than good.


PJH said...

I know, I tried a beautiful, winter white, fleecy North Face once and I got make-up all over the collar and stains everywhere else. They look so much prettier in the pictures.

Valerie said...

sometimes when I see girls who are perfectly put together with winter white coats on, I want to turn all PETA their asses and throw a tub of fake blood all over their winter white perfect coats. These thoughts don't come a lot...but I admit that they are there.

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