Wednesday, December 1, 2010

purple rain, purple rain

Today I am wearing purple tights.

I'm not a very trendy-wear-purple-tights-kinda-person, but I have to tell you....I'm rockin' the purple tights and i like 'em.

(maybe they aren't even trendy and I'm just regressing back into elementary school fashion wear)

-you can't really see the purple-ness of the tights in this picture, but I assure you they are -

Happy Wednesday!
Put on some funky colored tights and have a great hump day!


Emily said...

lol I see the purple!

Molly Harper said...

Ahhh I rocked purple tights last week and I LOVED it and now I LOVE it even more since you are doing it, too! :)

PJH said...

I think I have some magenta tights somewhere. I am going to have to dig them out!

Anonymous said...

i hate your tights. and i not leaving an email so you can't respond to me.

xoooooooooo i love you and your tights!

Valerie said...

HAHAHAHAHHA Do you know what I had to do to buy these tights?

xoxox love you

Anonymous said...

i couldn't eat for days so that i could buy these tights, you know, the tights im wearing on the plane to paris!

i am testing the time for comments to post.

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