Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i can only think in lists

-I woke up with 15 minutes to get ready for work this morning. Good thing I fell asleep in my black tights last night. Getting dressed was easy peasy.
-My potato soup that I made yesterday leaves a film on the roof of your mouth. It is an epic fail.
-I went on a hot date last night and watched Black Swan. I never want to say I want to be perfect again. Enough said. (ps. Don't go see this movie with your Mom or a first date....you will regret it.)
-I hard core spooned my cat this morning.
-I haven't washed my hair in more days than I would care to admit.
-4:00 p.m. today marks the start of my winter vacay.
-I usually cringe when I see someone write, "vacay". It reminds me of girls that do that whole extension of the last syllable that starts high pitched and then goes down. If you went to Roanoke College you know what I mean.
-I'm drinking a diet coke right now. I never drink diet coke.
-Andrew and I had a text battle this morning. We both started with rage and now we are talking to each other like pirates. Typical.
-I love everything about her.
-One time, a boyfriend broke up with me a month or so before Christmas and I thought my life was ending (dramatic pause) and he sent me a huge package in the mail right before the holiday that turned out to be those really good and expensive Harry & David pears. But to me, they were always "I don't love you anymore pears".
-My lips are chapped and they hurt real bad.
-Today marks the start of winter. Time for reflection and starting a new.
-I was just called a big fat dingleberry in a text from my fiance.

happy Tuesday.

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Angie said...

I love you Valerie! Thanks for making me smile!!! Loved this post!

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