Tuesday, December 14, 2010

conciousness and creativity

I've been wanting to write a post on this topic for awhile, so thanks Patti for once again inspiring through sharing.

This morning Patti posted an article by director David Lynch about meditation. Meditation is something that I have been working on for a little over a year now. And I will be the first to admit that it is something that I struggle with, daily.

My big hurdle? It's not quieting the voices (crazy train....) but it's the initiative to JUST DO IT. I always think there is something more pressing to do....which couldn't be further from the truth. It used to scare me to try and quiet my mind, deal with the "voices" but lately it has just been the inspiration to follow through on the act.

Or I think that I have to have super buddah powers and mediate for 2 hours each day.

What I loved about this article is that David brought mediating back down to reality for me. It's 15 minutes here in the morning...or 20 minutes during lunch break....or right before bed to still the thoughts. It is DO-ABLE. And I love the connection he makes to creativity.

I came to believing in the power of meditation a year or so ago. I've always been a nervous person....I can remember being paralyzed with stage fright when I was in high school. My brain always seemed to be going at full speed. After a few tough years in college and post college--I gave western medication a chance. It lasted about 4 months and helped through a very difficult situation in life but there was always a gut feeling telling myself that this was not the answer.

It seems like I have been on a journey ever since trying to heal. When my problems with GERD flared up again after moving to the Valley I finally said, enough is enough and I took action. Sometimes I have to step back and thank my little GERD friend. My body was telling me something was very wrong, and I am glad that I finally listened.

After a few phone calls with very close friends & family in the healing/spiritual world I set my course of action. Meditation, Diet, Exercise, & Acupuncture. That was my new prescription.

I meditated each day for a few minutes, followed a gluten free/sugar free/caffeine free diet for 6 weeks, exercised (I prefer pilates) and I started acupuncture treatments.

All I can say is that I went from thinking my life would be full of prescription meds, slight panic attacks & hugging the toilet at least 3 times each month to being able to control almost all of my symptoms--both physical and mental. Maybe one day I will dive into the specifics of my regimen...if anyone is even interested but I can tell you that no one thing is going to work. Everything is a balance and you cannot achieve your health goal without say...eating healthy. Or exercising. They all work hand in hand. Acupuncture will not make everything "go away". It opens up your energy fields..and paired with diet, exercise and a healthy mind, I 100% believe in its power.

So those are my thoughts for the day (wrap it up...its 11:15 a.m. and I am done!). I only speak from my experience and I fell off of the path MANY a time but this article and video reinvigorated me this morning to stop making excuses for mediating. I want this to be a part of my life, everyday. (& it would probably help things out if I stopped purchasing double stuffed oreos, darn.)

ps. you can also follow my soul sisters journey in healing, here. Her writing has become a daily inspiration for me. She will make you want to stare straight in the mirror and scream "I AM BEAUTIFUL!"


Alexandra said...

i called shotgun on the crazy train years ago... i haven't really tried meditating before, but i have the same lack-of-initiative problem with a lot of (way too many) things. i should probably get a tattoo that says "baby steps" visible in plain sight.

thanks for the dose of inspiration, and never forget that purchasing double stuffed oreos will ALWAYS be good for the soul.

Emily said...

I love this. Health definitely is about balance and taking care of your body, mind, and soul. Right now I'm trying to get my eating back on track too. I went a whole year without eating sweets and sugar, and somehow I fell away from that. It is so hard to stay away from sugar, esp. chocolate!

Good luck with the meditating. I really need to focus on that too. I have to drive an hour to and from work each week, and sometimes I can get really impatient. Tonight as I was driving home in the dark, I made myself focus on my breathing, and I also decided to use it as a time to talk to God with no distractions. I guess for me, meditating can be as simple as becoming more conscious about things like long drives when I'm tired and using it as a lesson in patience.

Anyway...good stuff! I'm glad you found your balance. It's a hard path, but once you get it down, it will be worth it!

PJH said...

"Sometimes I have to step back and thank my little GERD friend." This is why I love your blog and YOU!

I used to think meditating was such a waste of time--if I'm not doing anything, or at least THINKING, then I am just wasting time and space, right? My life used to be all about efficiency...how much can I get done in 24 hours? I once even considered hiring a DRIVER (crazy train...) so I could have more time to get more things done while in the car.

Seriously, is that what my world was coming to?

I believe in your new prescription and think some of the same techniques are helping me as well.

Your support gave me a few tears this morning, so thank you for the shout out and reminding me that this journey we are on is not silly. It is so very real and so very important.

I can't wait to watch the video!

Valerie said...

alex- what was i thinking? double stuffed oreos ARE good for the soul.

emily- I love the suggestion of using drive time to talk to God. He's always good conversation on a long ride home. ;)

P- I have to hear you tell me the driver story in person. HAHAHA....I have to hear the rational. XOXOX love ya!

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