Monday, December 20, 2010

my weekend

*snow turned it into a four day weekend
*i thought I could accomplish EVERYTHING on my to-do list
*i didn't.
*spent lots of time curled up on the couch next to the fire
*baked soggy banana bread
*went on a successful vintage shopping trip
*watched about 27 movies (you should rent this movie. amazing.)
*played apples to apples with friends
*talked about building a commune
*sat on the couch & watched 27 more movies (word on the farm is that we are getting a Wi for Christmas)
*started talking about the wedding and all of the sudden it seemed REALLY REAL. :)
*listened to Nicki Minaj with my boo. This album is off the chains.

and now here we are on Monday morning. woo hoo for a two day work week!

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Anonymous said...


(not that you doubted i would love the idea)

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