Thursday, December 16, 2010

blah blah blah blah blah

This is a wee rant.

It's not that I don't like you, Cocky Musician, but ya see, when someone says something like, "How 'ya been", to you, the polite thing to say is, "good" or "ah--i've been better" or "ya know, i just feel amazing to be alive today" .

You don't say: "i hate it when people ask me that question"

and to paraphrase: "i am basically so popular in the world that I have created for myself that I get asked that question all of the time and ugh, you small tiny people just don't understand how tiring it can be to have to answer that bland, shallow question day after day."

and then banter continued while C.M. eplained how complex his mind was and how he was "in a war with mythical gods in a field".

So next time, instead of just staring at you imagining a monkey with a guitar, I will tell you that in the South--where you claim to have your roots--we answer questions polietly and humbly--no matter who asks.

rock on.


Amy said...

Do you know what REALLY smart and amazing people do? They make the conversation such that YOU walk away feeling smart and amazing. I know only a few people like that--and I always love asking them how they have been.

I loved our conversation today.


PJH said...

That picture is gross and scary and will prob. give me nightmares, but it seems like it fits your little meanie very well!

Valerie said...

eww...I wish you would have been there with me.....

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