Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Night Fun

Hold on to your seats. It's show and tell time.

1. My entertainment center. I know, it was the first thing in the picture to catch your eye, right? That's why it deserves to be number one.
2. Bleh. We are having a rough spot in our relationship right now. We haven't spoken for days.

3. Sock Monkey. He battles with Olivia daily.

4. Lamb. Lamb poses as a toy for Olivia, but she actually just rolls around the floor and collects dust, dirt and fingernail clippings. It's a green version of those fancy schmancy moterized vacuum cleaner.

I'm expecting comments to just roll in as soon as I post this. Very, very exciting things going on here. I don't know why I don't have more followers?


Amy said...

So honored to be your first comment on what SURE is to be an all time popular blog post!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Guitar is difficult. There are always ups and downs while learning, and it's just like writing. You will hit dry spells sometimes. Just keep on trudging!

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