Thursday, September 17, 2009

I don't know why

Has it been a crazy week for everyone else?
Me too. I woke up this morning to another episode of this.
(and no. I am not preggars. Just a bug paired with a stomach that seems to have a mind of it's own)

So, after a stressful week of family illness and craaaaziness at work it was almost nice to have a day to just lay on the couch with Olivia.
(almost. could have done without the spins and know what)

Somewhere during the day I found myself humming a song by Shawn Colvin that I recentley covered at a gig.

My guitar player picked it out and said you have to learn this. So I did....without really listening to the words. I tend to ignore lyrics--well..what the song is really saying --because I get bogged down in just learning the melody.

So driving on my way to this gig, I was blasting all of the songs for the night in my car as a last chance opportunity to get some practice in.
And this song came on.

And I listened. And something happened.

They just seemed to reach out to my heart. I finally listened.

I found these words to help me through today.

(and it doesn't get much better than Shawn Colvin folks)

I don't know why the sky is so blue-And I don't know why I'm so in love with you-But if there were no music-then I would not get through-I don't know why I know these things, but I do-I don't know why-but somewhere dreams come true-And I don't know where-But there will be a place for you-And every time you look that way-I would lay down my life for you-I don't know whyI know these things, but I do-I don't know why but some are going to make you cry-And I don't know how-but I will get you by, I will try-They're not trying to cause you pain-They're just afraid of loving you-I don't know whyI know these things, but I do -I don't know why the trees grow so tall-And I don't know whyI don't know anything at all-But if there were no music then I would not get through-I don't know whyI know these things, but I do-I don't know whyI know these things, but I do

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Anonymous said...

I'm the total opposite...I get all engrossed in lyrics, and get emotional and teary, and get chills...To the point where I have to work extra hard to catch the melody...It's sometimes hard for me to pick a song apart. There's a lot of pressure when it comes to covering a song I feel like because I think a song is a complete experience, and if I don't portray that or better, I'm not doing it justice. Guess that's why I'm become a waaaay better actress than a singer. Kinda got sucked in by Method I'm rambling so I shall stop...It's just so interesting to me to see the way two people can look at things completely differently...That's what I love about the idea of blogging and facebook, etc...You get to understand more of what's on the inside of a person.. Laurie

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