Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'll be honest

I have been sitting here trying to think of one the many things I always tell myself "oh..I should blog about that" (geek out.) anyways, I have been sitting here trying to remember something witty or interesting that has happened to me recently but there is a big PROBLEM. I can't stop thinking about something.

(i'll get to that problem in a minute. ramblings to ensue.)
So, remember when I told you about the morning I woke up getting sick? Well, lucky pants me, it continued to happen over and over again. And I have never felt more nauseas or lost my appetite than I have in the past 2 months.

So, I admit it.

I have horrible acid reflux also referred to as GERD. (fooled ya)


It just looks like what acid reflux is. I apologize to all my friends and family that are reading this because I have talked their ears off about my "illness".

Okay. So back to the story (I'm losing my own attention and I'm the one typing).

I have had to make some major changes in my lifestyle and diet to FINALLY (fingers crossed) get my stomach back on track.

Here is just a list of things that I have had to eliminate from my diet:
1. spicy food (ok. so, not that hard. I have never been a huge spice fan. I can give that up)

2. fried food. (alright, so....this one kinda hurts. But I can justify having it out of my diet anyways)

3. chocolate. stop the press. hold it. right. there.
(for anyone that knows me, you know. this is near impossible. actually, it is. I cheated with nutella on a piece of toast today. loser. )

4. alcohol. (head cock to the side).
Alright. I can do it. Just will have to take up meditating to take the *sting* out of the day. (and I'm still betting that my stomach will magically heal itself so I can resume having a glass of wine or nice cold beer in the evening)

5. NO EATING 3 HOURS BEFORE GOING TO BED. <-----------I'm done for.

I have stuck with it for almost 2 weeks now ( slipping once)
But my strength is wavering.
Misery. Pain. I know that box of Frosted Flakes is sitting right there in my cabinet and is just waiting to be drizzled with cold 1% milk in a bowl that can hold near half a box.
I can't stop thinking about Tony.

I am an ex-late night snacker in a baaaaad place right now.

So. That is where my head is tonight. And in case you were wondering (oh sure you were) I feel 100% better. Actually listening to the doctor, taking medicine and eating right really does work. Who'da thought?

(I just want that damn bowl of cereal)


Danielle Sands said...

HAHA love this. I am so happy you are working out your "issues". Now if only I could have not eaten that bowl of cool whip with a side of peaches. Oh, and a bag of chips.

Just think how much weight you are going to lose. Now I need an excuse!

valerie said...

I'm jealous of your snack. Good thing I didn't read your comment last night!

One can only hope that a couple lbs. shed will be my payoff for this torture.

kms said...

i think i share the same illness. there is good news and bad news. good news: i dont think mine is as severe as yours. bad news: i could NOT give up the things you are currently sacrificing....keep me posted, let me know if its worth it xoxo keller

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