Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i can't get no (bah dah bah...) satisfaction

oh me oh my.

Between prancing around all summer and driving back and forth to see Andrew, my practice sessions have been few and far between.

My goal of learning how to play and sing by the end of the summer is FAST approaching. It's all coming along....but I don't quite have the personality to deal with the frustration of learning an instrument. PLUS I have to record a song on a friend's CD this Saturday and have a gig with this guy sat. night which calls for tons of "brushing up".

I am a frazzled mess. This video of me learning a CCR tune that we cover pretty much sums up how things have been coming along.

(and no. I will not become someone who just posts videos of themselves singing on their bathroom/living room/kitchen..But this made me laugh at myself, my camera skills and my temper.)

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