Tuesday, July 28, 2009

trouble was a brewin'

My porcelain thrown was hugged tight last night and I wanted nothing more than to NOT be by myself.

See, I love living alone...except when I get sick.

Not sure what's going on with my tummy but sickeness, alone in the dark, is horrible. Even if I know I am just going to throw up, I still have a flash of panic that this is my last hoorah.

This is it.

I am going to die alone, next to my toilet.

To cap off the night, after round 2 at 5:00am, I heated up some water for camomile tea (and found out I had none...perfect) but decided to sip on the hot water. That would have been great except I proceded to spill half of the NEAR BOILING water all over my chest.

Thank goodness for my Florence Nightingale, aka Olivia. She stayed up with me, kissing my nose when I got back into bed, curling up beside me and purring throughout the night.

I love my little cat.


Amy said...

Valerie McQueen,

You are not going to die alone. People love you. I love you. AND, your toilet DOES NOT look like this.


valerie said...

I love you TOOO.

But according to WebMd I probably have 5 months to live. Tops. ;)

and yes. you are correct. my toilet looks nothing like that pretty thing. !

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