Thursday, July 16, 2009

new favorite thing

I don't wear a lot of jewelry because well, for one I seem to lose it all but mainly because I'm just not a jewelry person.

BUT I have a new favorite piece. Andrew and I had this custom made from LoveStruckMetals, found on Etsy. We used the alchemy tool that allows you to request certain handmade items and I just knew that someone would be able to make what has been in my head for awhile.

"love you to the moon and back" is kinda our little saying. I am just so happy with how it came out. Check out LoveStuckMetals for more! She would love to make something custom for you!

la dee da.


Amy said...

The pictures came out great!!! I love this. I love this. I love this.


Brittany said...

i absolutely LOVEEE that!

what did we do before etsy?

valerie said...

thank you!! I could spend hours on etsy.

I just need some more dollars in my wallet...I would be in etsy heaven all day everyday with packages coming daily.

M said...

You're a gem ! I'm so glad you are happy with it :D :D :D Thank you. ~ Marina

Caroline Elizabeth said...

You and Andrew are too cute, I love it!


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