Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello Friday Morning

My alarm goes off around 6:30 every morning. Do I get up then? Of course not. It's snooze time.....But my little cat has other plans.
Have you ever had your eyes closed and you feel like someone is just staring at you? (creepers)
Well, that is what I wake up to every morning. I have that feeling and I open my eyes and there she is, on the bed, just staring at me.
And then comes the face licking. Sometimes, it's the cutest thing in the world.
Not so much at 6:30 in the morning. I literally have to bury my face in the pillow so she can't find it. I toss and turn, but she won't leave me alone.... for whole HOURS at a time.

-----------Is this what having a child is like?-----------
"mom, wake up. mom, wake up. mom, wake up. mom, wake up. mom, wake up. mom, wake up. mom, wake up."

(so maybe i'm not quite ready to raise a child)

Moving on moving forward.

I get to work and have a (drumroll................)

email about my student loan being out of the forbearance period! WOO HOO.

So then I have my yearly cry over the amount of money I owe. And this is when all of those theatre classes pay off. Talk about dramatic.
"I, sniff, just...(cry) won't -sniff- ever (cry) be able (sniff) to pay this(cry) off....."

head on desk. andrew on phone (trying not to laugh at me).
life may be over as we know it.

Andrew: It's okay. The average student owes like $60K when they get out of are no where near that.

Me: (sobs) yeah..but they are all probably not even that smart....I dont even want to do anything with my degreeeeeee, I'm always goign to be lifeeeee



I quickly put on my big girl panties & declared forbearance AGAIN for another 12 months. (suckers......I will ride the system until they tell me to get off)

highs and lows my dears. It's just a day in the life.

In conclusion: Olivia is a spoiled brat who controls my days and nights and never go to a private college unless you have scads of money.

(Happy Friday and please excuse the sleep deprived ramblings written above. )


LLK said...

Just a friendly FYI...if you are interested, you can consolidate your loans (I guess they'd have to be in repayment), the interest rates are locked in at super low rates right now...we just did this for my husband and it wasn't too painful :)

Brittany said...

i could pretty much post the same thing and it would be accurate (except insert buster headbutting my legs off the bed and probably an exta $20K in loans...)

so no worries my dear- ill be the moneyless cat lady as well someday...

valerie said...

ugh...i need to sit down with a stiff drink and figure it all out..especially if they have lower rates right now.

thank god I'm in good company. Now I don't feel all alone. :)

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