Sunday, July 19, 2009

land of the dead.

I love going to Hollywood Cemetery. It beats the Richmond heat and gets me off my couch and outdoors.

Other reasons why I like going:

It's free
It's shady and cool
It's quiet
There's not many people around

(so i'm a hermit who escapes to historic cemeteries)

"gettting to knowwwwww youuuu"
-The King and I, humming in head.

hey there stud.

scene: James Monroe's tomb.

View of Belle Isle. I wrote "island". What is the difference?
I don't know either.
But desperate Richmonders seeking water flock here at the James River, which has smelled ddddddelightful as of late.
sunday funday complete.

1 comment:

valerie said...

"There's not many people around"

look at that grammer. perfect. If you say that sentence out loud it sounds like you are saying "there is snot..."

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