Monday, July 20, 2009

"I'm sorry about being a horrid troll"

That was my recent text to Andrew. I'm pretty sure I looked like this guy a few times over the weekend.

found here

I don't even think Olivia wanted to be around me at some points.

Excuses, excuses...I was just having one of those weekends. Off and on.....but it's kinda hard to stay mad at a person when you come back from "taking a breather" and find your front door covered in these:

That guy was a floor message.

He's a dear.

And no...I don't mean a deer like the one I found roaming around the Fan last week:

{ cute dress.}

He is near and dear to me and puts up with hunger pains, mood swings and my constant "i feel nauseous" temper tantrums.

It's a tough job, but somebodys gotta do it.

1 comment:

Caroline Elizabeth said...

Ok, Andrew needs to give Ben some pointers haha. So cute :)

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