Monday, June 3, 2013

teething, and road trips, and alpacas, OH MY

-Ev can rock a mohawk like no other-

 I wrote this this morning and cannot seem to complete a here we are at 10:35 p.m. posting.  

I'm currently trying to type and let my baby sleep on my lap because that seems to be the only way to get her to nap this morning.  Some days this feels crippling and all I can do is think of the 1000 things I need to do and other days like today I soak it in.  Ev had a rough night last night as we enter into the phase of teething.  Hearing her whimper in pain was the saddest thing I think I have ever heard.  :(  

Let's move onto our first road trip!!  I had a bit of anxiety thinking about our 5.5 hour road trip to visit my family down south in Virginia & Kentucky but Ev was a trooper.  Going away for a weekend with a kid is definitely a whole new ball game.  Not as much relaxing but seeing the joy on my families faces when they interact with Everly is the best.  I wish we were all in the same place.  Maybe one day.  

And last but not least, the alpacas.  Andrew's sister tipped me off that she was bringing over two displaced alpacas to the farm while we were away and I just kept my mouth shut as to not ruin our weekend.  I knew Andrew would flip out and when we got home and saw them and it all pretty much played out as expected.  Poor things.  Who knows what will happen to these 'Pacas.

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Johannah Quinn said...

omg i kinda want to adopt one of those alpacas!!! they are so funny looking!!!! xoxo

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