Thursday, June 6, 2013

rainy day love

It's raining today and here is a view from my front door.  

Things you should know:

1.  Getting that screen door was a lot of hard work & perseverance and it felt like Christmas morning when we put it in.  It's all rigged up with a wooden board because it doesn't fit the door frame.  But it only cost $30 & a few fights between me and Andrew for over two years.  Once I nag him enough about building a little deck, the Traiylor is going to be such a breezy bungalow.  

2.  This rain today is saving my marriage & sanity.  The gardens and fields are all getting a much needed downpour and Andrew's stress level has gone back down to a functional level.  I've got a second set of hands today AND I was told we were going to go out on a family shopping trip.  But Ev still needs her nature time so she chilled out listening to the rain for a bit.  

3.  I've almost killed every single house plant in our home.  Those cactuses are hanging on for dear life. Once we got our fancy screen door I decided I would put them all outside because I was getting claustrophobic and I was sick of having half of a greenhouse in my already tiny kitchen.  But I do feel bad.  I'm still trying to see if I can revive them.  

4.  We are listening to our birthing playlist because when you become parents things like this make you all nostalgic and squishy (in both heart and various body parts).  Ev was born while this song was playing.  No joke.  I couldn't have planned a more perfectly dramatic song to be screaming to in the background.  We have a small video clip of when Everly came out (thanks mom!) and when we played it back and heard this in the background we cracked up. What an entrance she made into this world.

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