Friday, November 16, 2012

we like to party

Last night we celebrated Andrew's 30th birthday!  We spent the evening at his parents house with the family, including his niece and nephew, who are two of our favorite little people in the world.  While we were all preparing dinner, Aubrey and Ashton set up the table with presents & sweet notes for Andrew.  They even thought twice about giving up some of their toys, taking them off of the table and then deciding on their own that they were in fact ready to give them over.  Andrew decided to keep his new presents at Grandmas since we needed to make room for the baby.  I think they were both relieved.  He was spoiled with new riding boots, a warm winter hat from my mom, and I apparently hit the jackpot of all gifts when I got him two books that were on his wish list:  "The Hobbit" and "Cloud Atlas".   

Happy birthday you old man.  You are one special fellow.  

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