Monday, March 26, 2012

where I talk about how much I love the Hunger Games

 I would like to put this past weekend on repeat and enjoy it over and over again.

Besides it being my birthday weekend (oh yes, I did stretch it into a weekend event) I got to go to 2 Hunger Games events.  

Friday night I couldn't contain myself.   I made Andrew go stand in line with me at the movie theatre 1 hour before the show started, and good thing I did!  We were like 15th in line but got dank seats at the top of the theatre.  

Here is a picture that I tried to take of Andrew standing in line in the middle of 30 girls aged 10-13.  Except he looked at me and said, "We are NOT turning this into a photo op moment".  Boo.  What a party pooper.  (and for reals, how do those Mega-Bloggers get their husbands to have a photo shoot everyday?  Andrew would stab me in the eye...)

The movie was all that I wanted it to be and more!  My only comment is that the books are so much better (duh) because Suzanne Collins is such a descriptive writer.....the movie just couldn't even compare and seemed to go so fast, but they did the best that they could.

Saturday we went to a Hunger Games party.  Oh yes we did.

Our friends Katie and Travis put on the shin-dig across the way in New Hope before they went to go see the show.  This was my kind of par-tay. 

HG related food.  Check out the little hanging Sponsor baskets!  love!


Andrew won a contest and got a bottle of corn whiskey from the "Hob".

This is me pretending to be Katniss and WINNING. 

Katie and Trav's view.  District 12.  

It was a great weekend!  Now off to a fully loaded week.  



Marci said...

haha Val - Y'alls HG party cracks me up but I LOVE it!! Not kidding when i say I am going to replicate it!!Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

i love this whole post, esp the photo op andrew refused hahah! YOU ARE KATNISS!

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