Wednesday, March 28, 2012


After I finished tearing through the Hunger Games, I let Andrew go wild with the books.  It was really fun to know what was going to happen before he did, and I almost got more excited watching him read the books and asking me what was going to happen next.  

Well, one day during the winter, the pups and I were hanging out in the love trailer, keeping warm.  Andrew was going in and out bringing in wood for the stove and preparing himself to read another chapter in the book.  

Lily is the eldest of the two farm dogs and, well, let's just say she is nicknamed "silent but deadly".  She just sits around all day letting them rip and they are honestly, some of the worst farts i have ever smelled.  So is the life of a dog.

stinky poo Lilly

Well, apparently I had eaten something that was slowly decomposing in my body and while Andrew had slipped out to get more wood, I let it loose.  

It was one of those that made you feel kinda nauseous/ashamed that that smell actually came from your body.  I thought it would disintegrate fast...but the smell lingered as the door opened again.

Andrew walked in and quickly picked up the scent.  "Ewww. Gross.  Was that Lily?"

"Yes", I immediatly replied.  "She has a stank butt today!" (only 1/2 a lie)

He believed me and inside I laughed to myself.  Hahahahaha.....pass it off on the dog.  Who hasn't used that trick once or twice?

I sat around smirking to myself about my trick and then I thought of the best way to fess up to Andrew. (Why fess up, you ask?  Because I think I am really funny)

I went to the end of a turn-around chapter in the Hunger Games- one of those cliffhanger chapters.  At the very end of the chapter, I wrote:

When A got back I said, you HAVE TO read this next chapter.  It is crazy!  It will blow your mind!

So he started to read it...
and I sat there giggling some more to myself until I saw a smile break out on his face and he started laughing and telling me how it was unbelieveable that that smell came from a human being.

Fast forward a month or so.  We lend the series to Andrew's Grandma.  
Can you see where this is going?
A month or so later we are in NJ traveling to see my Nanny and I am about to hand the books over to her and Andrew whispers to me, "I don't think you ever erased that sentence from the book".

Panic.  "I thought YOU erased it before you gave it to Grandma!".  My heart sunk as I flipped through the pages.  And there it was, all penciled in.

I die.

Grandma was probably too embarassed to say anything to us.  Obviously she must have known it is my handwriting.

Mortified, I erased it before handing it over to my Nanny and vowed to never try and make farts funny again. 

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