Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swanna what?

Okay.  I've come down from my Swananoa high.  It was quite a buzz and I flatlined when I got home (as expected) when you leave this utopia world.

So what is this band camp that I have been yaking about?  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world held at Warren Wilson College.  Each day I took four classes (co-writing, songwriting your story, vocal masterclass, and how to get unstuck in songwriting). I had no pressure assignments but I was constantly working on ideas.  It is amazing how your brain just sorta opens up and lets so much creativy come out when you aren't worried about cooking, cleaning, wedding planning, and that thing called work.

Every night we would have some sort of concert to go to and then we would have song circles.  A beer and food tent was set up and then people stayed out all hours of the night just sitting around playing songs for each other.  It is magical.  

It is really something to have strangers from all over the country come together and create this community that supports and loves everyone.  I cried more times in front of people than I would like to admit...but your heart really just does pour out when people let you into beautiful moments in their lives through song.  

My goals for the week were to release and stretch......and I can tell you I did a lot of both.  I'm really proud of myself (can I say that?  its my blog...yes I can).  I let myself free this trip.  I stopped myself from "proving" myself as a musician.  I let my heart open to the experience.  And I grew and grew even more.

Typical class room setting.  This was from my cowriting class with Jon Vezner.  

 Flashback to dorm living.  No ac.  No comfy mattress.  Community showers.  I do not miss dorm living. 

 First day of class!  

I even found some horses and a barn on Warren Wilson Campus.  Felt just like home!

I could go on and on and on about this place but it really is something you have to experience for yourself!  One more year until Swannanoa 2012!

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