Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the wants. a post to myself.

You know what always happens to me in the fall?  I get the wants.  I'm sure it has to do with marketing strategies but I also still cling to the idea that I can "start over" with the new school year.  And now that I work in a school, I reallllly have an itch for it.

So this is a post to myself.  To remind myself that you have had the gimmies a lot in life and none of those dear objects will, as you usually say when you are throwing a temper tantrum, "going to make my life easier/better/organized/put together"

My first gimmie that I can remember was a Poly Pocket.  

I can remember wanting one soooo bad and I just KNEW that when I got a Polly Pocket my life would be better.  I would be entertained for hours and I would be able to whip mine out at friends house and show them that I, too, was cool enough for Polly.

Except....I have big hands and it was really difficult for me to place Polly in the .5mm chair she was supposed to sit in.  I'm pretty sure I ditched Polly after a few days.

My next gimmie was a Jacksonville Jaguars Starter Jacket.  This was in 5th grade.  I don't know why...but this was the thing I just HAD to have.  I remember begging my parents for one.  And I knew, I just KNEW that when I got one and wore it around school I would instantly have more friends.  
Well......that never really panned out for me.  I just looked like a skinny white girl with freckles wearing a huge starter jacket.  I think I lost friends with this one. 

My next gimmie was a 17th Street Surf Shop t-shirt.  By then I was in middle school and mixed in with the oh so cool beach kids.  I just knew, if I had one of those shirts everyone would think I was super cool and not living down the road in military housing playing in dumpsters (true story).  

welp..we all can guess how that went over as well.

High School came around and that was an era full of "oh my god, if I could just have a CKone sweatshirt or all of my clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch life would be AMAZING".  yeah...it didn't get too amazing.  

College was a sea of gimmies.  I was a fish out of water.  I was still hoping to snag a CKone shirt and these girls were dripping in David Yurman, Tiffanys, and Lily Pulitzer.  

I knew I didn't stand a chance.  So I drowned my sorrows in pizza, beer, and a good extra 20lbs by senior year.
Needless to say, I have been playing this game with myself for a long time.  Since moving to the farm and getting out of any type of "scene" I realize how happy I am with so little and my favorite place to shop is vintage stores and goodwill. 
But.  There are days.  There are days when I have a temper tantrum because, well, dammit, I just want to have pretty molding and expensive rugs and drapes and pictures on the walls and kitchen floors without lighting bolts going through them.  My wants have matured into adult wants....but they are wants all the same. 

The gimmies.  They always getcha, don't they? 

Right now I feel like the only way I can succeed in life is if I have the following:
 an "I am smart and organized" brown leather bag. 

 Entire wardrobe from B.R.

 They never stop.  The dishes just never stop.

 I would be so cool, hip, and on top of my shiz with this.

hours are spent dreaming of a new camera.  *sigh*

But guess what self, you would probably get all these new gadgets and LIFE WOULDN'T BE BETTER!

So take a lesson from your own book and stop the wants.  And as mom would say, "it's the inside that counts"

(but I kinda sorta feel like life would change with an ipad---just sayin')


PJH said...

I love this post! It is all sooo true and I can so relate. I would love all of those adult things, too, but I think our vintage hand tooled leather purses for under $20 are WAYYYYYY cooler!!

Shauni said...

this post is spot on. SPOT ON! who DOESN't always want new, bigger, better, skinnier, richer, etc, etc.?? I face this struggle all the time. What I have is never good enough, I need that new wardrobe, an ipad, a house to own with hardwood floors, a smaller stomach, new frye boots, the works! but i will stop wanting and just enjoy what i have...which is $30 in the bank account ;)

side note, i loved polly pocket. and cupcake dolls.

Jennifer said...

loved you thoughts about the noke. i wish i would have been honest and said, "hey, i didn't go to private school and i have no idea what a longchamp is!" instead i felt like i was always behind or not good enough. i've kinda gotten over it but, blogs still make me want. tried to keep my distance from the bad ones like super moms who carry designer bags! anywho great post!

Amber said...

story of my LIFE. a) I think i had that EXACT polly pocket and b) are you sure my life wouldn't be better with new nightstands?

Valerie said...

So glad I am not the only one in this boat!!!! XOXOXO

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