Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scenes from another trailer

"If you wanna live to see tomorrow You better start fryin' them eggs a little bit better then what you been fryin' them.  I'm tired of eating sloppy, slimey eggs."

Marriage is tough.  I haven't even officially entered into it yet and I know this.  Good thing we have friends like Jesco White to set us straight.  And if you were wondering if he was up for grabs again ladies.....alas, he just got married.  


PJH said...

Um, can we please have a Jesco White movie night at your place SOON?? I will get the DVD from my friend, Claire. We'll study up and then we need to have a Jesco White themed party where we all dress as certain characters and re-enact their lives. love it.

Valerie said...

YES I am all about this movie night. Andrew and Ben can drink whiskey and we can ....um....take pills? I kid I kid. We can drink some natty lights and dance with Annalee. Although this party sounds like you might not want to include your toddler.

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