Friday, August 12, 2011

people of the world! happy friday!

This weekend I will be swimming laps in this ocean pool...

I kid.

That pool is actually my worst nightmare.  Even though I grew up at the beach, my heart has always been for the mountains.  I don't like sand getting everywhere or getting super hot or having to slather on SPF every 5 minutes (let's go Irish) or getting killed and attacked by sea creatures.  And waves are the most frightening thing that one in the picture that looks like it could rip you from the ocean pool. 

Give me a mountain pool any day of the week.  Heck..just give me a creek.

I am headed to my best friends baby shower this weekend!!!!  I cannot wait to see her and that belly.  This is my first best friend having a baby...and it is so exciting/scary.  I am just glad she is going first so she can tell me the Gods honest truth on what to expect.  Every rip and tear. (ouch..too much?)  Is that selfish?  maybe... 

I am in charge of planning the games/schedule of the shower.  I thought I was really funny when I told her that we were playing a modified twister game, but only using our hands on her belly.  Note to future non-preggars planners out there:  do not joke about worst case scenario baby games to your pregnant friend.  She loves me...but she thought I was serious and now we are just laughin' and laughin' over it.  (or maybe I just still am?)

The one baby game that I am insisting we play is "who's water is gonna break?" .  So you put a tiny plastic baby in an icecube tray (yes, at Michaels yesterday I had to specifically ask where their tiny plastic babies were) and then you put one ice cube baby in each drink and whoevers ice cube melts first to release the baby wins a prize!  

Tell me that isn't the creepiest/greatest game ever?  I'll tell you how it goes over---might just be me giggling in a corner.

OH and one last thing.  I will be singing this Sunday for a very good cause.  "Music For MaDee" is an event  presented by the MaDee Project, a project developed in memory of MaDee Boxler to assist pediatric cancer patients in Virginia.  I will be singing at 5:00 and there will be food, vendors, and my favorite featherhead will be there feathering and selling some of her awesome jewelry.  Come on out!!!!  

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PJH said...

Yay for mountain pools, best friend's babies, creepy baby games, music for madee and feathers!!

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