Friday, August 5, 2011

a new lil' one and elephantiasis

Some of you have seen on facebook that we have a new addition to the family.  A little baby kitten was left on the farm with no mom in sight....until I came around.  

Andrew called me and said, "I have a present for you.  Guess what it is?  It's something you probably never thought I would give you"

New floors for the love trailer? 
You cleaned the hair out of the drain?
You fixed the front door so we don't have to pick it up with both hands on the handle and shift it into place? 
You built me a deck?
Cleaned out my car?

after my series of secret chores that I wish he would surprise me with he finally let the cat out of the bag.  (there's a knee slapper for you)

  A new baby kitten for me to nurse back to health!!!  dreams do come true.

This little girl/guy is melting my heart.  And Andrew's.  I almost cried when I first saw it because I just think it is so sad that it doesn't have a mom or brothers and sisters to play with.  It looked up at me with those little crusty kitty eyes and said, "are you my mom?" just like Babe the pig did to the sheep dog in the barn.  

(i love this movie and will admit that I own the soundtrack.)

So my days and nights have revolved around the lil' one lately.  We are bottle feeding it and wiping it down all day long.  I even have a little rice pack that Mamaw had made me that I heat up and put in its little bed so it can have something warm next to it. 

I'm hoping that was just some spit up milk. 

Olivia is not dealing well with this.  The pups LOVE the kitten but Olivia hissed when she saw it and has been hiding out in a corner of the house.  My dreams of her taking over mothering the baby have gone down the toilet.  She will always be my #1 baby cat though.

oh and about the elephantiasis.  Andrew got stung by some ground hornets last night and had to use his epi pen and go to the urgent care up the street.  He is okay now but it was quite a scare in bee land.  His entire arm and leg are so swollen and since he allowed me to take a picture of his hands I assume that means he doesn't care if I post it all over the internet. (aren't those unspoken laws?)

poor thing.  It is even worse this morning. 

Very adventurous around the Kingdom of Traiylor lately. 


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