Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where did you go? My lovely...

It is that stage of the Virginia summer where most days are just h-o-t and humid.  So I have been hiding out in my internet free love trailer most days.  I just don't do hot weather very well.  Or cold weather.  I'm a fair weather kinda gal.  

Life has been hectic.  Wedding planning is in FULL swing.  I am trying, desperately, to enjoy it.  But there have been moments where I just want to say...."can we go to the courthouse?".  But I don't dare let those words come out of my mouth because Andrew would take me up on that in a heartbeat.  It will all be worth it.  And it will all fall into place as it should.  I've had some practice planning big events so this isn't my first rodeo--but nevertheless it is my rodeo this time.

What else is going on in my life?  Andrew woke me up this morning on top of a horse.  Let's back that up.  Andrew was riding this morning while I was still snoozing away and he came down to wake me up.  I had my prince on top of a horse waving through the window.  For real?  Did that happen?  Why yes it did.  *sigh*
We are about to venture off to our separate vacations this year.  It's where we both re-energize and get our juices flowing again.  Andrew will spend a week hiking on the Appalachian trail and I will spend a week down in Asheville NC at the Swannanoa Gathering---aka heaven for any musician.  We will come back shiny and new with all sorts of good energy to give to each other.  It was the best thing for us last year and I think with all this wedding mumbo jumbo it is highly needed this year!  I have heard from lots of married folks that having time for yourself as individuals is one key to a successful marriage.  AGREED!

  So I might not be back here for a bit.  But please don't leave me.  I have attachment issues.

Happy Summer! :) 

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Molly Harper said...

I did go to San Diego w/o Ryan and do agree! HAVE OH SO MUCH FUN! xo

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