Wednesday, June 29, 2011

shut up Jillian

That's what I have been screaming at my television each morning.  Listen to this craziness.  I had a dip in life motivation for about two weeks so then I decided to have a total life makeover (I've had many of these my dears) and made this my ULTIMATE LIFE CHALLENGE

Really all that means it that I am waking up at 6 a.m. each morning and doing Jillian Michaels new 30 day Shred DVD.  It is ridiculous.  Ridic.  I can't walk.  I waddle.  My whole body hurts.  Each morning I dream of sleeping in and spooning Olivia.  But it's off to Jillian I go.  (that bitch)

My breakdown came after I found a pile of Snickers Ice Cream Bar wrappers in my car, home, and purse.  And I'm not talking about those teeny tiny ones that come in a box from the grocery store.  I'm talkin' about the KING SIZE monsters from the gas station.  I can eat those suckers like there is no tomorrow.  I had no motivation to get off of the couch watching OWN & contemplated joining a gym but didn't want to pay the $$ and then about 4 girls told me how effective this DVD is.  

So I bought some self tanner and the 30 day shred at Wal-Mart.  Let the challenge begin.  Why self tanner?  Not sure....I just wanted to be all fake tan when I got shredded.   

The workout is only 24 minutes but I swear to the good Lord that it feels like an hour.  I'm really excited to feel motivated again and hopefully this will get me into pre-wedding day shape.  And then I will dive my face into piles of Snickers Ice Cream bars for my entire honeymoon and live blissfully happy every after. 

Watch me. 


Molly Harper said...

Ahhh reminds me of our conversation on how I found a site online "Tone it up" to do this exact thing. I was contemplating buying...the difference is I have done NOTHING and you are getting it DONE! YAY! Good job, Val!!!

PJH said...

You never cease to make me laugh. Get your self tanner on, and shred it girl!

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