Wednesday, June 29, 2011

lunch date

what a lucky day. 
Andrew worked on a friend's field today that is close by my work.  Being the good American that I am, I scooped up food from both McDonalds and Wendy's and we found some shade under a big birch tree.  I tried out the new almond fruit chicken salad thing from Wendy's and it was pretty decent for a fast food salad.  It didn't look nearly as good as that stud next to me eating a quarter pounder with cheese and french fries.  

Then we (that means I) played a movie quoting game and Andrew couldn't guess the EASIEST movie quote ever.  

"if you're a bird, i'm a bird"

I've said that to him about a million times and made him recreate the scene if we are ever near ocean water.  He claims that he blacks out usually when I start to make him recreate movie scenes.  

then we had a sad goodbye and andrew jumped back on his tractor and I jumped back into my non air conditioned car and made the drive to work, sweaty back and all.

stay cool people. 

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