Monday, June 20, 2011

i curse when i hike

It's true.  I do.  
Sunday's hike was supposed to be "church" for me, so I hope that God forgave me for cursing while I went up the side of a dang mountain that liked to kill me.  (I was wondering when I could ever use that phrase...liked to kill me)

Andrew and I woke up fighting like brother and sister.  So we thought the only rational thing to do was to take it to the mountains and create some inner peace.

After I got over the steep passes I do believe I had some moments of Zen, interrupted only by the fact that we didn't have bug spray.  Bad call.

Here are some photos from our adventure to mountain land...

Out trip was slightly delayed when we need a tune up by our local mechanic/best future father in law Mr. Glenn Crummett.  What would we do without you Glenny?

Then we had two pups that were hell bent on going on a car ride to the mountains (lilly is in the passengers seat).  They might be spoiled...a little.  

Once we got water from the spring down the street we hit the road!  (ps.  this is the best water you will ever drink.  AND an old man told me it is a healing spring and I have physical evidence that it cleared up a bad case of planters warts on my feet.  These are just the facts people.)

Isn't this moss shot divine?  I told Andrew that I wish I had a little hobbit home in the mountains and all of the walls could be covered in moss. 

Do you see his mountain creature feet at the top?  He told me to stop saying cuss words and to smell the mountain laurels instead.  I chose to do both. 

woah mr. snake.  what's up?  We saw bear poo, no bears, and two snakes. 

This hike didn't have a look out per say, but this was a pretty little shot of the mountains once we were on top of the ridge. 

It was my first kick in the butt back into hiking/having any physical activity in my life other than flipping in between the OWN network and walking to my sad, lifeless food pantry.  We have another big hike on Thursday (My Friday starts at 12:00 Wednesday..woo hoo!!!)  Wish me luck! 


Molly Harper said...

"These are just the facts people." that quote, Val. Or maybe it's what the quote pertains to. Yes, it that! :)

Valerie said...

it's true molly. Seawrights Spring is a fountain of youth and healing powers. AND its right down the road from us!

Molly Harper said...

I might be bottling that up then! :)

PJH said...

I love that phrase, "It liked to kill me." Haven't heard it in a while! haha.

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