Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big hair and good friends

I had my HEN party last weekend!

I was surprised with a lake house at Smith Mountain Lake with some of my most favorite people in the entire world!  It was heaven.

(Our view of the lake)

We had dinner on Friday night and I got to wear the prettiest lace dress ever AND a white flower in my hair.

We spent the next day sunbathing on the dock and playing in the water.  A lake house at SML has been added to my lists of "wants".  Pretty please.  

After a few other surprises I was dolled up and ready to go to my final surprise destination.  Our cameras all broke so we had to use our phones.  I believe that this was somehow an act of God protecting me and my future children/husband.  I'll leave you with my Tanya Tucker big hair outfit that I danced the night away in!

(My lucky boots and T-shirt that everyone wore "What Would Valerie Do"!)

Girlfriend is not a spring chicken anymore and it took me two full days to recover.  I spent all day Monday on the couch napping with Olivia & my baby blanket.  Andrew must have snapped this on my phone .....

My girls did it up and did it RIGHT.  I loved every second.  THANK YOU for all the memories of (get ready for some inside jokes) 
"hot spots, mobile uploads, lisa ling, S n D's, my people, America, mullets, and hair feathers"


Kelly said...

I love when people call it Hen night. So much more fun than Bachelorette. :)

Danielle Sands said...

S n D's... how could I have forgotten about that?

Valerie said...

I agree kelly! I like sayin' it too.

Dani..I feel like you probably can follow all of those insiders without even being there!

PJH said...

It was perfect!

Erin said...

oh please tell me all about that pretty lace dress!

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