Monday, March 1, 2010

A moose and guitars

Where have I been? I don't even know. Busy? That's a lame excuse.

BUT I did spend my Sunday in Roanoke playing music with some of my very good friends (who happen to be amazing musicians)
Mickey (in the guitar pic with me) owns Antique Blue in Roanoke VA. The upstairs of the shop also serves as the office to his interior decorating business.
It was the perfect place to set up with a few bottles of wine and play good music.
(mom...I only had one glass before I hit the road. I'm saving you a phone call xoxo)

So that's some of the story of where I've been.
BUT it's my day off and I have lots to do and more to post! :)
Happy Tuesday!


Johannah said...

if i move to roanoke will he help me decorate my house? i want a space as cool and fun as that studio! sigh.

lauren said...

Again, what's with the visiting of Roanoke and not telling me!! I live there ya know :)

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