Thursday, March 25, 2010

This one's for Mamaw.

My mom informed me of a top secret mission a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow my mom and her sister will be traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains to meet the one and only Dolly Parton. It's all in honor of Mamaw.

Mamaw loved Dolly. I mean, absolutly thought she was a hoot (that's exactly the word that she would use to describe Dolly). She loved her big hair, boobs, makeup....everything. And she looooved to hear her sing. One of Mamaw's favorite places to visit was Dollywood. If you haven't been I suggest you put it on your bucket list. I think it's a magical, wonderful place. (maybe i've been there once or twice or more than 5 times.....but who's counting?)

Dolly will be at the park for opening day. She doesn't know that she is meeting my mom and aunt but they are going to stand in line for as long as it takes. My mom is a very determined woman and I have a feeling that Dolly will be forced to take a picture with the two.

Everyone, keep Mission: Get a picture with Dolly for Mamaw in your thoughts tomorrow. I'll be updating on the situation as I get word.

Over and out.


Crystal Pinson said...


I sooooo hope they get that picture! The girls are wearing their Leukemia shirts, too! I definately want pictures. And, in fact, if they get their picture with Dolly, I'm gonna frame it and put it up on the Oncology unit where I work in memory of Ruth!! It'll make everyone smile! I'm so excited to hear the final report! Like you said, Deb is determined, they'll pack Dolly up and bring her to Norton if they have to!

Loving the thoughts of their adventure tomorrow!

Keep me posted!

Shannon Nicole said...

LOVE Dolly! I made my students listen to 'Tennessee Hom'e yesterday...they totally didn't understand. And yes, Doolywood is the best!

lauren said...

I love Dolly!!

P.S. I left you something on my blog! xo.

Brittany said...

i LOVE dolly- and ive always wanted to go to dollywood! a guy i worked with in roanoke had a season pass one summer- i was mucho jealous

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