Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Belle & Spring

Happy St. Patick's Day....even though I didn't wear green today to work and had absolutely no idea that it was my "peoples" holiday.

I've been sorta wrapped in my own little bubble of a world. But it's been kinda nice that way.

Andrew and I have been whispering to each other tonight. Not sweet nothings but whispering because our throats are so sore.

Spring has brought the sickness.

But it has also brought life. I am still amazed each new day that spring brings. I haven't seen a spring blossom outside of the city for a long time. Look at all of that green in the front field!

Am I just typing the random thoughts that are popping into my head?


Monday night I sang in Roanoke and I completely forgot the words to the second verse of the song and almost had a panic attack but then they magically came out of my mouth. Don't you think it's amazing how many things we stuff in our brains? And how we can just go on auto pilot?

I also realized that wearing a new pair of wedge heels for 10 hours can wreak havoc (don't you always love when you can use that only comes along every so often) on your back the next day.

We officially own our first home. Trailer naming contest to soon follow. Get ready.

"Golden Rule Homes" did not practice the Golden Rule. It installed a kitchen sink that would work.....if I was about 5'2.

Today, I felt like blogs and facebook were really wierd. Do you ever get that feeling? And then I saw the glowing light and started this post (after checking facebook).


Anonymous said...

when i have my forever mine home someday, the kitchen is going to be raised about six inches--so when i lean against the sink while washing dinner plates i don't leave looking like i wet my pants. xo

valerie said...


Danielle Sands said...

So happy for you guys, cant wait to visit.

Yes, I think that blogs and facebook are really weird. Certain days I want to delete myself from the internet machine and never look back.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how jealous (a.k.a. really happy for you) I am about your current situation. I grew up in Asheville, NC (a.k.a God's Country) where there is green and picturesque everything throughout most of the year. I live in Charlotte, NC now and not that it's the big city or anything, but I would give anything to go back home and live on a farm. To actually see life every day and breathe in the fresh mountain air. You are so lucky!

valerie said...

Lauren- Thank you for reminding me!!! Sometimes I have to pinch myself and other times I find myself complaining about how bad the turkey poo smells all day long. I'll keep on posting pics!!

lauren said...

You didn't tell me you were singing in Rke!! I would have come!

valerie said...

I only sang one song so I didn't think it would be worth telling someone to come all the way out!!!! I promise Ill keep you up to date with all my Roanoke dates! XO miss

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