Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My friend Amy let her world know about Eva a week or so ago on Facebook. I want to let my world know about this beautiful person too.

My last job was working for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (with Amy). We planned and managed special events to raise money for the Foundation. We also were blessed to get to know the amazing souls with CF and the strong friends and family behind them.

Eva's words and story pull at the bottom of my heart.
Eva posted this video on February 11
She has been in my thoughts each day since I watched that video with Andrew, tears streaming down both our faces.

Eva makes me want to be a better person and to wake up each day in full appreciation of life and love. Eva is teaching me so many things. I hope somehow she knows that.

CF'rs, as we called them in the office, are angels on earth. Please read Eva's words and pass along the hope.



Danielle Sands said...

I read her blog when Amy put it on her Facebook. I layed in bed and sobbed. She is a beautiful woman and she inspires me.

Crystal Pinson said...

Thanks so much for sharing Eva's story. I read, and read...cried, and then read some more. Never tiring from her story; despite all the tears I couldn't hold back. She's AMAZING (I think she's the definition of your favorite word). Simply amazing. She's beautiful...a beautiful soul; inside and out. I was so touched by her story, I even read some posts aloud to Mikey. I'm simply speechless. Speechless, and amazed at her courage! Although I'm not 'in touch' with CF patients often; I relate Eva's story to many of the cancer patients I work with. And, I stand by my words saying; 'there are so much worse things than dying.' And, to some this sounds awful...but, to me, it makes perfect sense. A life fearing death daily in itself is no life at all. Afraid to sleep, afraid to dream, afraid to believe...believe in the hope of God, and miracles, and LOVE! That, to me, would be much worse than dying! So, Eva, though afraid of so many things...her only true fear is not waking to LOVE! WOW...just amazing!

So, although I'm struggling with many decisions in life, Eva's video and writings have touched my heart (and quite possibly changed my life). For today, just now, I realize...I have no problems! I have no decisions! I'm just going to wake up each day and decide to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE---Love whatever God plans, whatever life brings, and whoever I'm so fortunate to love.

-Amazed, speechless, and feeling happy to be loved,

valerie said...

Crystal- Reading your response to Eva's story is almost as inspiring as her story. So glad this touched you as much as it touched me. Waking up to love is a wonderful thing.

XOXO love

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